EVE is buzzing like a stack of bees lately. Good stuff.

Landing in my inbox like one of the new, immensely large Rorqual industrial ships, I received an email from Valerie "Pann" Massey that included all sorts of new screenshots and information regarding upcoming graphical improvements to EVE Online, the upcoming PvP Championship, and some concept art. The Trinity 2 graphics upgrade looks amazing, and I urge you all to check out the screenshots!

In other EVE Online news, CCP will be again opening its flood gates to new recruits and has sent out the clarion call for more employees! Here it is from the horse's mouth:

We are actively seeking employees for a veritable cornucopia of positions in all three CCP offices, but are particularly interested in filling spots we have in Atlanta for a web developer, QA lead and programmers. The full list of job openings can be perused at http://ccpgames.com/jobs.aspx.

See all the goodies right here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016