rumblings of this title have been springing up since early this year,
the devleopers at Trion World Network have pulled back the curtain to
reveal the fantasy MMORPG Heroes
of Telara
, and it looks damn good. Ten Ton Hammer has
received screenshots, concept art, and a brand new video straight from
E3, but while we're coding up all the media goodness, here's the
official press release detailing the future of this brand new fantasy
MMO. Their plans are ambitious to say the least.

Redwood City, Calif. – June
1, 2009

– Trion World
Network, Inc. (Trion), the publisher and developer of server-based
video games, today revealed details of its first title, the highly
anticipated fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
(MMORPG) Heroes of Telara™ [www.heroesoftelara.com].
unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2009, Heroes of
Telara™ will immerse players in an extraordinary, evolving
world on the
brink of disaster. Amidst an era of devastating conflict, Telara calls
for heroes to battle the hordes of chaos, conquer wild territories, and
bring hope to a struggling civilization.

“With Heroes of
Telara™, Trion proudly presents the first in a series of
video games on the Trion platform,” said Lars Buttler, CEO of
“Trion is showcasing what server-based gaming can really give
us: fun,
beautiful, fully dynamic, massively social, ‘live’
video games.”

server based gaming, Heroes of Telara™ can trigger
extraordinary events
challenging the player to overcome obstacles and embrace the role of
hero. Using a unique class system that allows the players to play every
character class in the game and choose a class specialty, or
“subclass”, the hero will be well equipped to
overcome these
challenges. Combining this with an easy-to-learn combat system, players
will be prepared to stand against the most powerful foes and hordes of

“We've built a spectacular world that's completely
alive and designed everything around the concept of players becoming
heroes,” said Russ Brown, vice president, Channel One, Trion.
'right hero for the right time' is what this game is all about. And
with our server-based Trion platform, we can launch massive events and
epic encounters at will to challenge the player to step up and become
the hero the world needs. It is our promise and mission to deliver
awesome kick-ass gameplay in Heroes of Telara™.”

Heroes of
Telara™ will also allow large populations of users to play
together to
truly deliver massively social online gaming. Heroes of
Telara™ has
been crafted from its inception to allow players to take full advantage
of their adventuring time with friends and to make new alliances with
other players. Heroes of Telara™ removes many of the
technical and
design barriers common in MMORPGs, allowing players to more easily
share their adventures in the game with anyone, regardless of rank or
skill level.

“What we're showing at E3 will genuinely
demonstrate our vision for the future of MMO gaming,” said
“We're creating beautiful, sweeping landscapes with epic
conflict that
deliver fun in a new way, every day.”

Heroes of Telara™ will be
the first massively social MMORPG that will challenge the player to
choose their strategy, master their fate and become the right hero at
the right time.

Stay tuned to Ten Ton Hammer for all of your style="font-style: italic;">Heroes of Telara
screenshots, concept art, and video!

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