There's nothing particularly terrible about the current HUD in League of Legends, but there's no question that it could be improved. The UI is not going to be completely changed, but Riot is looking to streamline everything, presenting the important information in a clearer way while allowing you to focus more on the gameplay.


In a nutshell, the changes are designed to help you quickly see the most important things in the game; when your abilities come off of cooldown, your items/experience/stats, and even moves the information that used to be in the top right corner (K/D/A, CS) into the minimap to open up the field of view.


There have been changes made to the scoreboard (TAB menu) as well. This streamlines how items are displayed, allows you to change the order players are shown in, and even gives tower kill counts as well.


It all looks extremely slick, and just about everyone seems excited to see the feedback from the PBE. However, it's not all positive on the first impression. Some user concerns include lack of a mana bar for allies, and instead of just showing when your teammates' ultimates are or aren't available, give some sort of indicator to display how long until those abilities are off of cooldown. Overall though, this looks like it will be a very positive change. Now, if they can just fix the death recap screen along with this, we'll be all set.


Image credit/Source: Riot Games

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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