Going to court without a lawyer.

Everquest 2 developer Sony Online Entertainment gives some background on the 3 rival courts vying for control of the "Desert of Flames" expansion city, Maj'Dul. With an estimated 12 quests to complete averaging 45-minutes to one hour a piece to gain membership in one of these courts (one can kill an indeterminate number of mobs opposed to your chosen faction for "coins" to turn in for positive faction, too), let's hope the Courts are more than just a pretty screenshot.

" The courts of Maj'Dul are three separate factions within the city that vie for power over the remnants of the Dervish empire. They have each established an outpost at the docks, and their goal is to attract new arrivals to their competing causes. Asim Jul represents the Court of the Blade, Shahid Baligh represents the Court of the Coin, and Atyaf Nasiha represents the Court of Truth. You are encouraged to converse with these individuals, as collectively the courts are the most powerful political force in these lands. "

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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