Blackrock Mountain: A Hearthstone Adventure is set to release next month and contains a lot of cool new PvE content for Hearthstone. It'll include 31 new cards and a ton of returning features. Class challenges, heroic modes, and even the pricing is the same as Naxxramas (700 gold or $6.99 a wing / $24.99 for the entire deal). Pre-ordering will snag you an awesome new card back.

Its release is next month and few details of the cards, bosses, or wing themes have been released yet. That's all there really is to say for now! Get excited though, because more cards means a new meta, and these cards will be included in the arena. So while not a full booster expansion, there is going to be some changes going 'round.

The cards to me so far look like zoo central, with the Grim Patron survives damage he summons another Grim Patron which as you well know, can cycle into a neverending swarm of dwarves if you're a mage and keep plinking them. Rend Blackhand is a great new card, if you hold a dragon in your hand then it'll destory a legendary (wowzers).

Get super excited! News and limited card preview available here.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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