While most of us are away of the nefarious plots out there to gain our
account information and take our hard earned gold and gear, it never
hurts to have a small reminder from time to time. Security researchers
hailing from antivirus vendor F-Secure have discovered a new round of
phishing e-mails targeting World of Warcraft players.

The fake emails have
their “From” field spoofed to
appear as if they originate from a generic address on the blizzard.com
domain. The messages masquerade as automatic notifications regarding
suspicious account changes, however, the poor spelling is strongly
indicative of their rogue nature.

These fake e-mails come in various forms, but all appear as if they
come from Blizzard, and all request that in some form the player give
up their account information. The most common ruse is to convince
players they need to “verify” their accounts by
providing their account information. However the content of the e-mail
can be anything from gaining a free pet, to getting your very own beta

No matter the wording, or how convincing the e-mail looks, please
remember that Blizzard will never ask for your account information in
this manner. I personally have received several of these e-mails and I
can attest to the fact that they do look legit. So always be on your
guard, think twice before giving out your account information, and
don’t fall victum to the  sneaky tricks of these internet

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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