Happy New Year, everyone! Today, Portalarium sent out an update for its upcoming MMORPG (and one of the contenders for our current poll for 2015's most anticipated games), which includes some new images for the game. Shroud of the Avatar is also currently in the #1 position of our poll. While I'll admit that I'm using my daily vote for another game, I do love writing about Shroud of the Avatar and welcome this resurgence in a return to a more old-school type of MMORPG happily. New pretty pictures aren't the only news in today's email, like winning a poll at Massively thanks to their community, and pulling ahead on ours. While I haven't been voting for SotA, I am a sucker for seeing a community come together like this.

Brightbone Pass

Shop Changes

Shroud of the Avatar is possible due to crowdfunding from its fanbase. Portalarium has stated that as Shroud of the Avatar comes closer to being released, certain in-game items will no longer be available for purchase in the online store. This also includes holiday themed add-ons, which will only be available through January 5. Other add-ons exiting include the Skinning Knife of Prosperity, Wood & Plaster 3-Story Row House, and Wood & Plaster 2-Story with Front Porch Town Home. Add-on items will be removed on a weekly basis and will be available in their final days for 20% off. Speaking of monies, the newsletter (which can be found mirrored over at the official site) also includes a reminder that monthly pledge payment plans do not auto cancel after a goal is met, along with instructions on how to cancel them.

An early first look at the Shardfall Biome

If purchasing in-game objects isn't your thing, but you still want to show off your support for Shroud of the Avatar, Relics by Rild has your back (or at least your head). While these items aren't available for purchase through the SotA site, Portalarium backs Relics by Rild as an official merchandiser for the game. So far, merchandise available includes baseball caps, beanies and a challenge coin – all branded to let folks offline know you're supporting Shroud of the Avatar.


New Zone Art

In a mix of concept and in-game art, Portalarium shows off some stunning new images for Shroud of the Avatar. Brightbone Pass is a wintry control point high up in the Brightbone Mountains, haunted by the hordes of skeletons and ghosts spilling out of the nearby city of the undead. The Shardfall Biome, which makes its debut as an early in-progress area for Release 14, will become areas that are at risk of great conflicts by allowing open PvP. The Wyrmsands are the desert that has become of a graveyard of dragons – why did so many die here in such great numbers? Speaking of dragons, we get to see the concept piece for what will become Dragon Pass, which is currently in development. What are your favorite areas? For those who read my articles regularly, I'm sure they'll be quick to guess that anything dragon related, including graveyards, will always get my vote.

Concept art for Dragon Pass

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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