So how are we going to boil this one down to a 3-letter abbreviation?

Well then, here's a curveball for ya. Today, SOE announced that it's teaming up with Virgin Comics to bring the India mythology-based comic book series "Ramayan 3392 A.D."

Virgin Comics’ Ramayan 3392 A.D., initially released as a comic in late 2006, re-imagines one of India’s greatest epics into a futuristic realm. Gotham Chopra, Virgin Comics’ Chief Creative Officer commented, “While many of the characters and settings remain familiar to the original lore, we never intended to re-tell the story, but essentially use it as the key inspiration for something fresh. What remains intact to our story are some of the core universal themes like duty, honor, sacrifice, and fraternity while also mining uniquely Indian ideas like karma (how action and consequence are linked) and the malleability of time itself. To bring all of these ideas into a game with SOE is just awesome.”

Will SOE become death, destroyer of online worlds? Who knows. But preserve that good karma by reading the entire press release. Or don't, and find yourself the subject of an NBC sitcom maybe.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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