Online news outlet reported recently about the... errr, recent scandal with the collapse of the EVE Intergalactic Bank.

Recently, an EVE bank owner by the name of "Cally" made off with 790 billion ISK (EVE's currency) that other players had deposited in his establishment with the hope of earning some interest.

Now, I thought they understood what the story was all about, right up until I read this part:

...there are no real-world laws to govern virtual treachery, and thus far, the powers that be at EVE Online haven't taken action against Cally.

Will the uproar mean that offline legal systems might start taking online crooks seriously? The jury's still out.

What? Hello, McFly! *tap tap tap* The heist was completely in the context of the game. WTF would any RL legal system want to do with this? Way to completely miss the mark, Ms. Mainstream News.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016