In today's round up we look at DDoS attacks against SWTOR, bans and exploits in ArcheAge, Skyforge's latest class reveal, Goat MMO Simulator confessions, and World of Warcraft's Tier 17 raid set sneak peaks.

STAR WARS: The Old Republic

In this week's “someone's throwing a temper tantrum...again,” now SWTOR is the target of DDoS attacks. I need a /yawn emote in real life. I'm seriously bored of reading about DDoS attacks by now. Just because you're not getting what you want doesn't mean you should be ruining things for other people. Grow up and work for what you want; don't expect anything to be handed to you. It always sucks having your say ruined because some jackass decided to take their bad day out on everyone else. I'm wondering who will throw one next and what game we'll see targeted next week, because it's likely to happen. It seems like there's been a weekly attack aimed at a different game for the past two months now or so. People need a better way of getting out their aggression, dealing with anger, and learning they aren't entitled to everything they way. Maybe take up kick boxing or a martial art? All that aggression can be aimed somewhere else and all that exercise will even help with depression. Plus, Win-win all around!


It seems there is a new APEX exploit. Trion has been throwing a variety of trial fixes to see what works in the past 24 hours. Initially, anyone suspected of cheating were given 24 hour temporary bans, but since we can't have nice things, this was changed quickly. Pro-tip: if you are cheating, maybe don't go around bragging about how your ban is only temporary? Trion has since permabanned people who they have found exploiting. While information on the actual exploit is out there, I'll save it for the truly curious to find out for themselves. I'm only here to talk about the issue, not tell people how to do it. Not that it matters anyway, since APEX services are temporarily unavailable, which is another thing Trion is trying out to see how they can deal with this. Maybe all of these new bans will mean we'll see a return to DDoS attacks on Trion servers. Everything's cyclical, right?


In case you don't end up scrolling all the way down to our videos section, I'll just quickly point you over to the new Berserker video for Skyforge that I added today. The Berserker is the latest class reveal for Allods' upcoming MMOG that has a lot of interesting systems going for it. The Berserker is pretty interesting as well, since its ultimate is a Gladiator form that engulfs the Berserker in fire, letting the class be completely fueled by rage. I'm thinking that since World of Warcraft launched garrisons before Skyforge is in the hands of players means they'll get all of the credit for micro-managing followers, but I'm not sure who came up with it first. I'm pretty stoked about the system in Skyforge and can't wait to check out how it works first hand. You'll get to recruit followers, turn some into Adepts (the ones who perform missions in the name of you, a god), they'll build you sweet temples and statues, and much more. It sounds totally badass and if it's as cool as garrisons (I think it might be cooler, but then again, I've been writing about the Skyforge Adept system longer), it'll be amazing.

Goat MMO Simulator

Is a picture of a goat an actual goat or just another simulation of a goat?

So, this isn't news here. It's just some fluff. I mean, I got all angry pants earlier on. Well, more agitated at the same boring shit that people pull when they're not having their way or the same boring shit they pull because they don't want to work to earn things. Let's have some fun. Over in the Goat Simulator subreddit, /u/Esthreel submitted a TIFU post about getting trolled hard by Coffee Stain. I feel ya, bro/broette. We've all been there and Coffee Stain is A+ with their trolling. Esthreel thought the chat was real and even tried to help out some fellow “players” by responding in chat. Only later on was it discovered that the people at Coffee Stain are nothing short of a collection of geniuses. Well done, Coffee Stain. That's my kind of troll.

World of Warcraft

Chances are, unless you're playing WoW, you're sick to death of WoW news. I'm going to try to throw more Warcraft stuff into news round ups rather than putting together solo news features for this MMOG mammoth, but there's no way I can stop writing about it all together. Sorry if you're one of those people who are sick of it, but I can't help myself. I'm full on into Warlords of Draenor currently. I'm now level 100 with my Druid, rocking a 613 item level, and have completed silver trials for both healing and tanking. Last night, I got to tank my first Heroic. Unfortunately, we got Everbloom (or, as I call it, Foreverbloom). It wasn't terrible; we only had to learn what was new. The trash is pretty much the same, but since there is so much of it, we didn't get to try the final boss, Yalnu. You know, can't stay up too late on a school night or Mom gets mad. That, or we're suffering on Monday because we gotta do this whole work thing. I'm sure Heroic Yalnu is super fun anyway. By fun, I mean, something akin to punching myself in the face with broken glass. I give it three months before it turns into a lolfaceroll fiesta. Anyway, we're new, we're learning and our gear is terrible.

Druid on left, Priest on right.

Today, Blizzard put up a sneak peak of the new raid armor, which will become available in the beginning of next month. This will give me something to look forward to as myself and my friends – real life or just guild – learn new things, die many painful deaths in awkward solidarity, and hop back on that exciting gear treadmill that is World of Warcraft's end game. Because I got 610 so late in the weekend, I haven't even experienced the fun and joy that is the return to Molten Core, featuring 1/3 of people who know what's up and 2/3 of people who don't know what's going on. Seriously, folks, it ain't new. If you don't know the fights (that's okay! Not all of us were there when MC was a thing to be done), read up on it. Blizz even tried to make people prepared by creating a guide themselves. Anyway, this isn't about Molten Core. It's about brand new ways of pain and misery. Since this pain and misery comes with all sorts of new, I'm pretty excited about dying more times than Jeeves can keep up with.

My opinion of this new armor? Well, I think it's okay. I haven't been a huge fan of tier sets in a really, really long time (I still have a set of Cenarian in the bank for my Druid and probably whatever for my Priest), but I'm okay with not liking things. Overall, it's too bubbly for me. The green Druid set isn't bad, but I'm not too into the other two sets. The Priest sets, however, are fully badass. ALL OF THEM. Paladins...sorry, you probably have the worst. I'm sad because I'm digging my boosted Paladin (DO YOU HEAR THAT JOHN?!?) I've been pretty underenthused about playing my Priest since 6.0.2 and the class changes, but I'm looking forward to getting her to 100 and subsequent alt nights. I know those days are very, very far down the road, but we could be hanging out in Draenor for two years (oh my goats guys it's a Pandaria joke okay...don't quote me on this, don't take it as gospel, etc), so I'm okay with the slow and steady. And goals. I like goals.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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