H1Z1: The Un-Update

I came across something interesting today in the in the H1Z1, which may or may not be as interesting to other people as it is me. It's not necessarily news at all, but rather, the opposite of news. H1Z1 Community Manager Greg "SOE_Legion" Henninger wrote a letter to the community in the game's subreddit to address the perceived lack of updates. He wanted to be frank and say that unless he has a release date, new assets to show off, or more behind the scenes footage to show people, that everything else is just fluff. SOE_Legion doesn't want to give us fluff, and states that we will see far more updates on a more frequent basis once the game is in Early Access.

The community response is that this un-news is just more fluff and state that they're owed some sort of timeline. Here is exactly why you won't get estimates or firm dates until a developer knows they can hit their target. Say one date and can't deliver by that date, suddenly you have the community up in arms. Even if you're putting out a free-to-play game, people will still manage to threaten that they're canceling their CE. You want to keep the hype train chugging along at a steady pace, but you also want to make sure you're giving the community realistic expectations. Considering that H1Z1 was announced in April of this year (yeah, as in five months ago), I say people need to calm down. SOE is actually showing a product here, so it's not like they're pulling a Project Titan here anytime soon. Five months isn't the game “dragging on” without a product. Five months is super early in development time.

Festivals of the Rings Online

Posted today were the festivities from here on out for the rest of the year in Lord of the Rings Online. These are reoccurring festivities, with some of them being annual. Since these are reoccurring, the community is speculating when Update 15 will be released. If you hate clicking on things for information, here are the dates for the festivities:


  • 3 - 5: Hobnanigans
  • 21 – November 2nd: Fall Festival


  • 7 - 9: Hobnanigans
  • 14-16: 25% Mark Acq. Boost
  • 21-23: Lootbox Weekend
  • 26 – December 4th: 25% Bonus XP


  • 5 - 7 : Hobnanigans
  • 12 – 14 : Buried Treasure
  • 16- January 15th : Winter Festival

Boost Bundles Return for DC Universe Online

DCUO has its booster pack returning to the Station Marketplace for a limited time. The bundle costs 1,000 Station Cash and gives the following: Booster Bundle - 150 Replay Badges, 2 Total Recovery Kits, 1 Radar Enhancer. 1 R&D Scanner, 1 Proto Repair Bot and an Aura Reward Box. The Aura Reward Box will give you one random aura, which could include the new Black Smoke aura. There's not a whole lot else to report here, except for the community feedback in the thread. Outside of some guy with the word scrooge in his name rage typing, everyone else is actually really happy. Not just happy, either, but willing to throw money at SOE here. This new bundle is packaged up based on community feedback, making it cheaper than previous bundles. Because of this, there is an overwhelming positive tone to the thread, as people are happy to buy these.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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