Today's Newsmageddon is a newsy round-up for WildStar's Loremageddon Part Two, Hearthstone's recent bans, Darkfall getting a new skinning system, and RIFT's new expansion, Nightmare Tide launching.

Loremageddon Part 2

WildStar has released the second part of what it's calling Loremageddon, which covers the Chua and the Granok. If you missed part one or just want a refresher, head over this way to read up on the launch of Loremageddon, which came with the Aurin and the Mechari. Loremageddon has expanded to twice the size, and it will double once again before it's done. Carbine has only said that they would be creating pages for the races in WildStar, but that these pages would be an ever-evolving project that would consistently be updated with new information. Also, while these are only for the different races, the lore is all-encompassing and intertwining. I wonder if Carbine plans on sticking just to that or if they'll eventually move to a full lore compendium.

Banmageddon in Hearthstone

While cruising around Reddit looking for gaming news, I came across something posted to the Hearthstone subreddit that people are getting banned in waves currently. In a hysterical turn of events, the people talking about being banned aren't like with the people caught in the ArcheAge fiasco. These people are actually admitting to botting, but they're sad in the face that they got caught, only because they put some money down. I don't think Blizzard is going to unban you for your $100 if you're admitting to botting for twelve hours a day. Better cut your losses and make a new account where you'll actually work for your sweet gains instead of using a program to win for you. I mean, c'mon, a little common sense here?

Blizzard has made a statement in regards to these recent actions, saying that these players have been suspended through the remainder of the year, and that their accounts will remain intact. Whether or not they'll continue to review these accounts while they're on ice is not known. I'd hope that while they're currently not doling out permabans, that come the new year, Blizzard will have investigated thoroughly who has been cheating, and those accounts will feel the swift, brutal force of the Banhammer. Of course, I understand that Blizzard cannot afford to be too forthcoming, which is the tricky nature of a development company dealing with botters and other cheats. You want to create an environment that's healthy for those who are playing your game as it's meant to be played, while letting them know you are doing something to address the issue, but without stating what you're doing. When you begin telling the community what measures you're taking, then you're at risk of having cheaters come up with counter measures before you can fully overcome what they're doing in the first place.

Skinmageddon Hits Darkfall

It's probably not what you're thinking, but I think I'm on a whole “-mageddon” kick now, so why stop? Rather than terrible puns, I crank up the cheese. Anyway, a new skin system has been added to Darkfall. A new window in the UI, called “Gear Guise” is where players can add on new skins to their already owned items. These skins will only be available to someone who has unlocked them, so any items transferred to someone else will revert back to their default appearance. This new skin system is for appearance only and will not affect stats. The following items are skinnable: Ganks, Mounts, Shields, Staffs, Bows, Polearms, Daggers, One Handed Swords, Two Handed Swords, One Handed Axes, Two Handed Axes, One Handed Clubs, and Two Handed Clubs.


RIFT's newest expansion, Nightmare Tide, launched just before the weekend. With Nightmare Tide, RIFT's level cap has been increased to 65, three new zones are introduced, along with six dungeons, a new Wafront, a new Sliver, and a 20-player raid on the horizon. Also coming to RIFT with the new expansion is the Minions System, Nightmare Rifts, expanded Mentoring, and plenty more to experience in the Plane of Water.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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