This past Friday, I briefly wrote about Nova being available for Marvel Heroes 2015, which brings the new total of playable heroes up to 39. Not a whole lot of information has changed since then, with today's press release from Gazillion, although I did learn that with this update also brings a new Team-Up Hero and Cyclops' Level 52 Review. Gazillion released like, a gazillion updates on Friday, including all of their events they ran recently, and their foray into New York Comic Con.

Along with Nova – the fastest playable character – becoming available is the Nova Hero Bundle, which includes the following: Richard Rider as Nova Prime, Sam Alexander enhanced Costume (comes with a completely different voice over pack from Nova Prime), Nova Hero S.T.A.S.H. tab, one Each of Fortune Card Mark 1-6, and one Retcon Device. The Human Rocket's specialty is Nova Force, a nearly limitless power that creates powerful, explosive chain reactions to blow up your enemies' faces. Both Rider and Alexander have their own unique power icons, visual effects and voice overs for their favorite Nova.

Troy Baker, best known for his voice-over roles in BioShock Infinite, The Last of Us, Batman: Arkham Origins, and the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V, breathes life into Richard Rider as Nova Prime while fans of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series won’t be disappointed as voice actor Logan Miller returns to his role as Sam Alexander.

Like Nova, Wasp is also available. As Nova is the fastest playable hero, Wasp is the smallest Team-Up hero. Janet Van Dyne is able to shrink to the smallest insect size. Wasp's specialty is using a bio-electric energy blast that not only defeats enemies, but can confuse them as well. In the comics, Wasp is one of the founding members of the Avengers. Maybe Whedon will write her into the next movie? After Jane's father had died, she had convinced his coworker and soon-to-be fellow super hero Hank Pym (Ant Man) to give her some of his Pym Particles juice, which shrank her down, gave her wings, and her energy blasts. This allowed her to team up with Ant Man and avenge her father's death, which was handed out by some alien creature who needed to get blasted back to its own dimension. Learn a lesson from Jane's father, kids: don't play with aliens. Personally, Wasp sounds like a far cooler character to play, instead of use as a sidekick companion, but that's just me.

Scott Summers in his level 52 review received a major overhaul, giving you practically a whole new Cyclops. He's received not only updated powers, but plenty of new ones, to boot. All of his trees have been reworked, and for that special Cyclops touch, his iconic motorcycle is now available to make traveling not just better, but in style. The vehicle comes with a custom license plate. I think one of the coolest features Cyclops now has is Team Tactics. Cyclops can rain down fire in the form of the original X-Men, each with their own different abilities. In summary:

To honor the iconic leadership abilities of Cyclops, the biggest addition to this tree is the ability to deliver damage layers by calling in the 4 original X-Men to fly in and deliver their damage. Instead of summons, these Strike Team powers act very similar to any other power, but with a very flavorful visual for delivering the damage.

Each Strike Team member has a slightly different type of attack, some Energy, some Physical, some Melee and some Ranged, in addition to a burn option and bleed option, which allow interactions with various items and powers in the game.

To read more about Cyclops' changes, in addition to Psylock's quality of life review (which Reuben touched upon right around my bedtime last night), head on over to the full patch notes, which can be found here.  

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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