Online Weddings - we've all heard of them. Have you ever seen one in person, though? Perhaps not? Well, Merriandra over at Ten Ton Hammer Vanguard has! She has the rare experience of both participating in her own and officiating at other online weddings in her days as a Guide in EQLive:

Over the next two years, I stood on top of an aviak tower, in Felwithe, inside Kedge Keep, in the middle of Lake Rathe, in the Arena, in the Plane of Hate, in the Plane of Air, on the bridge between the Karanas (the bride kept zoning) and in Highkeep to perform wedding ceremonies. Perhaps two thirds of the couples chose an approach that more closely resembled "till levels do us part", rather than "tell death do us part." One beautiful, formal, and very serious wedding was held in Felwithe, and everything was perfect, until one of a groomsman cast a hostile spell on a guard (by accident!), a slip of the finger that wiped out the entire wedding party. The poor bride was in tears.

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Ten Ton Hammer Vanguard

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016