The Ten Ton Hammer "Dead of Summer" Contest Begins!

It's an extremely hot summer, so what could be cooler than a network-wide contest for some great prizes? We have prints signed by developers, beta slots for Tabula Rasa and Pirates of the Burning Sea, cool peripherals from the makers of Zboard, expansion pre-orders, and stacks of gamecards to give to some lucky winners! So how do you get in on this?

We want to see your character (wait for it) dead. Or moments from death. In funny, ironic, or just plain out-of-the-ordinary ways!

It's the Ten Ton Hammer "Dead of Summer" contest, and we die often enough to know that while it's painful and frustrating at the moment, the circumstances leading up to an untimely dirt nap are often hilarious afterward. Maybe auto-running while flirting with the cute night-elf drove you to do a Wile E. Coyote off a cliff face. Maybe your halfling drowned in a puddle while you were afk. After an hour of careful planning, did the raid boss take down the entire raid in less than two seconds? Some of your guilds most have hundreds of those Jenkinsian-aftermath pics in the archives.

Whatever you got of you getting yours, send it in! Brief captions welcome too.

For details on how to enter and complete contest details, please visit the Ten Ton Hammer "Dead of Summer" contest page.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

About The Author

Jeff joined the Ten Ton Hammer team in 2004 covering EverQuest II, and he's had his hands on just about every PC online and multiplayer game he could since.