With the new implementation of how out of comabat rezzing is conducted, I have gathered the thoughts of a Blizzard representatives on the matter, and how he feels players should be taking the changes to their normal raid schedules.

It's true that there is not as much room for error in pulling and positioning any longer, which makes it all the more important that your raid is alert and your puller knows what to do. As far as the rest goes, you still have the usual wipe prevention tactics (meaning soulstones, ankhs and the like. I am aware of the jumper cable issue with feign death and vanish). It wasn't just resurrection spells that caused this combat pulse to be implemented. There was also a great deal of exploitive behavior that could be accomplished in certain raid fights with the abilities you list.

I will also mention that this occurs just in boss fights in raid dungeons (with one exception) and thus is not prevalent throughout the entire dungeon. I understand the frustration you're experiencing with this change, as it's shaken up a number of strategies you're used to. However, this behavior you describe is indeed intended gameplay. - Caydiem

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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