It's been confirmed that heroes from Overwatch will eventually be made available as playable characters in the Heroes of the Storm Moba. In an interview with Venturebeat, senior artis Phil Gonzalez confirmed what any were hoping.

We’re planning on bringing Overwatch heroes into the fold, but we’re going to let Overwatch have its party, and then we’ll be like, hey, they’re over here too. We have a soft limit of, say, six months before we’ll do anything like that. But we absolutely will be visiting Overwatch and bringing Overwatch into the nexus.

Overwatch characters would transfer into the Moba world very well, with their main kit of 3-4 abilties already a standard in their home game. The characters that will be transfered first haven't been named yet, but with what you've seen from the previews which Overwatch character would you like to see in Heroes of the Storm.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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