Jeff Kaplan is back with 11 minute video explaining the philosophy and rules of the just-added Capture the Rooster in Overwatch. The mode is just for funsies and won't be added to the quick play rotation for now.

One important rule change that you should be aware of if you haven't checked this out: your flag does not have to be at your base to return the enemy's flag to your base and score.

Timestamps as follows (from the official video description):

00:12 – Jeff discusses the new "Capture the Rooster" brawl
01:38 – Overwatch Heroes and their synergy with CTF
03:34 – The old CTF philosophy put to the test
05:34 – Jeff talks unique rules of "Capture the Rooster" brawl
07:22 – Jeff sets expectations of META
08:25 – Let Overwatch heroes be Overwatch heroes
09:48 – CTF may make a resurgence in Overwatch sometime in the future
10:59 – Jeff welcomes feedback from the players and thanks the community

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Last Updated: Jan 29, 2017

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