In a blue post over the weekend, Overwatch Lead Writer Michael Chu announced that we'll have to wait a little longer to get the backstory on such Overwatch heroes as Gabriel Reyes, Jack Morrison, Ana Amari, Reinhardt Wilhelm, Torbjörn Lindholm, and more. Noting that the team decided to take the Overwatch story in a different direction.

The original idea for the graphic novel dates back to the early days of the game's development and came from our desire to tell the story of the founding of Overwatch during the Omnic Crisis.

In the years since First Strike's conception, we have done a lot of development on the universe and its stories. While the core of this story remains, we have changed and expanded upon how we see the events that took place during the first days of Overwatch.

From BlizzCon 2016 and subsequent interviews, it's pretty clear that we have a lot to look forward to in terms of Overwatch story development. Even the fact that the story of a multiplayer FPS matters to players is something of an accomplishment, and is the kind of magic that probably only Blizzard could pull off.

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Last Updated: Nov 21, 2016

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