The roster of Overwatch heroes continues to be revealed to us as the latest member of the crew, Soldier: 76 get's his own gameplay preview video. Soldier: 76 is a super soldier assault specialist with a high powered assault rifle and a bag full of abilties that improve his accuracy and allow him to regenerate his health in an instant.

To deal with enemies, Soldier 76 is armed with an assault rifle capable of fully automatic fire which also has a grenade launcher attachment for taking out tightly packed groups of enemies. When things get really tough, he can deploy a healing feild that quickly regenerates the health of all friendly agents within it. Soldier's super ability is all in his high tech visor. When activated, it will lock on to the nearest enemy directing any bullets fired straight to their target. If that enemy is killed, the visor picks the next closest one.

Check out all the Soldier: 76 action for yourself in the official gameplay preview.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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