Great, so now you can be a dick to your guild, ninja lots of items, steal all the loot from the guild bank, change your name, and not be held accountable.

Blizzard announced today that they'll be implementing a new feature in the account management section fo their website: paid name changes!

We’re happy to announce that through the wonders of modern gnomish engineering, you are now able to change your characters’ names. Finally, you can turn the moniker that seemed like a good idea at the time into something more befitting your true standing in World of Warcraft.

Visit Account Management to begin the paid character-name-change process. The fee is $10 per name change. As with our recent addition of voice chat to the game, this feature is being rolled out across all realms in several phases. The first-phase realms are listed in this forum post. Enjoy this new feature and the subsequent effect that your bold new name will have on friends and foes alike.

See the post and responses at the World of Warcraft forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016