Pantheon is struggling to reach its Kickstarter goal and has taken to praying for a miracle in order to reach it.

With less than 8 days remaining and not even half way to their funding goal, the likelihood of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen being funded at this stage is pretty slim. There's every chance it might be, with a late surge from fans, but this campaign has stuttered where the likes of Camelot Unchained excelled. I think part of the problem is the fact Pantheon doesn't seem to offer anything entirely new or revolutionary and unlike Camelot Unchained, it isn't picking it's battles - it's trying to compete with the big boys on a meager budget. 

Taking to Twitter, Brad's even begun to ask for angel investors (basically that's a rich individual willing to give money for nothing). Although Brad has also stated he'll continue to make the game without the Kickstarter cash, surely the audience has had its opinion if he can't even raise $800,000?

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