Salem has been in beta for the last year with no target launch window on the horizon. The team over at Seatribe still has plans to further develop Salem, but from now through July 8th, Paradox Interactive will be phasing out its involvement of the project.

A post to the Salem forums explains the decision and the path forward.

“Effective from July 8, Seatribe will assume full support management and development ownership of Salem: The Crafting MMO. Any decisions taken from that point on will be taken by and communicated through Seatribe to you - the community. Paradox Interactive will start phasing out their involvement in the project from today and on July 8 the game for all intents and purposes will be Seatribe’s to run.

We firmly believe this decision is in the best interest of Seatribe, Paradox Interactive and absolutely for the community as you will have a development team working even more direct with you and the game.”

The loss of a publisher can be either a good or bad thing for an online game, so the next few months will be telling for Salem.

via PC Gamer

Source: Salem Forums

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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