Here's the lowdown on Serath, the first hero in Epic's ambitious plan to add a new hero every three weeks in 2017.

Serath (Order, Corruption) is a carry with a unique twist: she fights in melee range. Utilizing each ability in her kit, she’s able to close distances quickly, and keep enemies in range to unleash fury upon her opponents.

  • Chastise (RMB/R1) - Serath attacks an enemy dealing damage and applying a slow. This attack also cleaves other nearby enemies.
  • Heaven’s Fury (Q/Square) - Serath hovers in place and hits each target in an area with a ghostly slash. Each slash deals damage one target at a time, with a delay between each attack. Serath is immune to damage and crowd control during this ability.
  • Ascend (E/Circle) - Rise into the air and then rapidly dive back down, traveling and dealing damage to a targeted area.
  • Heresy (R/Triangle) - Serath lets her dark side take over and her abilities now apply a burn effect which creates a weakness aura around affected enemies. Enemies who are burning also take additional damage from Serath’s basic attacks.

Source: Paragon official site

The complete V.36 patch notes follow:

We have implemented some improvements in our V.36 update which will help reduce in-game loading times by 30% for both PS4 and PC users.

Major Bug Fixes
Lt. Belica - Fixed an issue where Lt.Belica becomes unable to move sometimes when using Neural Disruptor.

Gold Buff - Jungle buff enemies will now attack players who are blocking them from their target.

Weekly Card Pack
Our first card in this week’s pack is Sage’s Ward, providing you with an great option to pick up a mix of Power, Health and Vision. Utilize this item on Heroes to deter potential enemy ganks in the early-mid game.

For our second card we have Impact Hammer (Fury), it has a combination of Crit, Power and a maxed passive of additional crit. These stats make it a solid choice for the more aggressive Fury affinity Heroes, like Twinblast and Feng Mao.

The last card for this week is Thirstfang (Corruption) allows you the opportunity to invest in Lifesteal, while getting a bump in Power as well. A good card to pick up on Heroes like GRIM.exe or Kallari allowing sustain over a teamfight or during the laning phase.

Lastly, we are testing balance changes to Greystone and Steel in our next V.36.1 update.

Serath has been released!


  • Large improvement to in-game loading times.
  • Core:
    • Increased Core base attack time to 0.8 from 1.0
    • Increased Core damage to 320 from 280
  • The black buff now only displays one number pop per damage tick.
  • Jungle buff enemies will now attack players who are blocking them from their target.
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial would give XP over multiple completions.
  • Fixed a bug which caused players to not receive kill assist credit if they are dead.


  • Reduced volume of default jump pad land sound.
  • Audio added to some frontend elements.
  • Fixed audio issue where you couldn't hear a player when you are directly behind them.


  • All Default Decks have been updated.
  • Weekly Card Pack
    • Sage’s Ward
    • Impact Hammer
    • Thirstfang
  • Bump Juice
    • Reduced Max Health restored per use to 50 from 90
  • Zap Juice
    • Reduced Max Mana restored per use to 35 from 40
  • Guardian’s Ward
    • Fully Upgraded Bonus changed to Max Health from Power.
  • Chrono-Mancer Disc
    • Max Mana stat has been changed to Mana Regen.
  • Nature’s Muse
    • Active now costs 150 Mana.
  • Scout’s Ward
    • Reduced number of charges to 1 from 2.
    • No longer shares a cooldown with Advanced Shadow Wards.
  • Cast Converter Rework
    • When activated, Consume 175 Mana to gain 47.5 Health Regen for 10 seconds.
    • No longer shares a cooldown with Health Potion.
    • Cooldown increased to 45 seconds. This cooldown is shared with Blood Catalyst.
  • Blood Catalyst Rework
    • When activated, Consume 10% of Max Health to gain 10.5 Mana Regen for 10 seconds.
    • No longer shares a cooldown with Mana Potions.
    • Cooldown increased to 45 seconds.
      • Cooldown is shared with Cast Converter.
  • Honor the Pure and Barrier of Will Rework
    • Active is called “Team Shield.”
    • Team Shield Active now costs 100 Mana
    • Any Ally (including self) affected by Team Shield cannot activate or benefit from another Team Shield for 15 seconds.
  • Silent Indignation
    • Reduced cooldown to 45 seconds from 120.
  • Backstabber
    • Description updated to actual value of +24% Crit Chance.
  • Bone Dice
    • Description updated to actual value of +20% Crit Chance.
  • Merciless
    • Description updated to actual value of +12% Crit Chance.
  • Irradiate
    • Description updated to actual value of +18 Power.


  • Ward CP bounty is now only granted to last hitter.
  • Cameras have been adjusted to be consistent across all Heroes.


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • “Naughty Naughty” emote now has audio.


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Tesla Dome now properly displays damage effects on opponents.


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Gideon no longer slides if holding a direction as he comes out of a stunned state.


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Reforged now shows a name and icon in the opponent's death recap.


  • Double Pain
    • Now applies damage correctly to wards.
  • Warlord’s Challenge
    • Now applies damage correctly to wards.
  • Smash & Grab
    • Now scales correctly with cards.
  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Camera of Charge has been polished.
    • Audio added to Grux’s recall.
    • Audio added to the “Back Scratch” emote.

Iggy & Scorch

  • Polish/Bug Fixing
    • Added sound to the “So Sleepy” emote.


  • Crippling Dagger
    • Now scales correctly with cards.


  • Polish/Bug Fixing
    • Corrected an issue in which Unleash was not dealing the intended amount of damage.

Lt. Bellica

  • Polish/Bug Fixing
    • Fixed an issue which could cause Belica to become unable to move sometimes when using Neural Disruptor.


  • Reversal of Fortune
    • Ability has been slightly modified to improve usability and effectiveness.
    • Landing knockup has been greatly reduced in height.
    • Now applies an additional 1s stun.


  • Polish/Bug Fixing
    • Boulder Throw has had its effects polished.


  • Bloodgold Serath added to in-game store.
  • “Bless Me” Serath Emote added to in-game store.


  • Polish/Bug Fixing
    • Added duration display to “Inner Fire” UI element.
    • Bow Shot impact audio has been updated to be more clear when an enemy is struck.


  •  Bulwark
    • No longer reduces burn or poison damage.


  • PS4: Circle should now close the frontend menu as intended.
  • Polished Recall to base UI element.
  • Deck Selection Polish.
    • Deck selection layout changed to centralize deck list and confirm button.
    • Confirm button now pulses when you have a valid deck selected.
  • Fixed an occasional crash when buying skins in the PVP draft lobby.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the close prompt in Team Comms to show the incorrect key in the alternate control scheme.

Source: Paragon official site

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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2017

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