There have on been brief details released regarding v32 from EPIC. We knew that Travel Mode would have its speed reduced but the rest of what's coming is a big of a surprise. 

1. Orb Prime buff is now instant upon death.

2. Harvesters spawn earlier.

3. Towers and Inhibitors appear weaker.

We'll see how it all plays out when we get the patch notes this week.

[UPDATE] The patch notes have just been released. See below.

Welcome to our v.32 Release Notes, featured in this release we have some awesome skins, a Travel Mode speed reduction and additional match length iterations.

Our latest skins feature our first Tier 3 skin with Doomsday Steel, and if you read our “Present and Future of Skins” blog, this is where things get a little crazy.  Additionally, we have Moon Viper Khaimera, White Tiger Greystone, Amethyst Muriel and Nightshade Fey as well.


We plan to remove Travel Mode and that change is coming soon, but we are making an incremental change as a step toward its removal. We’re reducing the Travel Mode speed from 880 to 750. Our goal is to address some of the inherent issues of Travel Mode regarding vision and rotations. By reducing the movement speed we are lowering the engagement range, potentially allowing for less risky plays in enemy territory.

One of the larger changes directed toward decreasing match length is granting the Orb Prime buff immediately to the entire team that kills the Prime Guardian. Now that there is no Orb dropped, defensive dunk is no longer an in-game mechanic. We are also adjusting towers to make their damage more predictable and allow for more engagements. Overall, our goal is to incentivize more gameplay around tower aggression.

Release Notes - .32


  • Added 5 new skins to in-game store
    • Doomsday Steel (Tier 3)
    • White Tiger Greystone
    • Moon Viper Khaimera
    • Amethyst Muriel
    • Nightshade Fey


  • Reduced Travel Mode from 880 to 750.
  • Removed Orb from Prime Guardian.
    • Upon killing the Prime Guardian, Prime Cards are immediately activated for entire team who killed it.
    • No longer able to Defensive Dunk.
  • Reduced Initial Spawn Time of Side Harvesters from 6 mins to 3 mins.
  • Reduced Initial Spawn Time of Prime Harvesters from 9 mins to 6 mins.
  • Reduced Inhibitor regen rate from 5.25 to 3.5
  • Increased the hit box of Tower and Inhibitor Gems.
  • Removed damage stacking mechanic from Towers and Inhibitors.
  • Increased fire rate of Tower and Inhibitors.
  • Reduced tower damage to account for changes.
  • Tweaked some VFX on the Prime Guardian.


  • Changes to ability attacks to improve clarity in battle.
  • Sound added for placing harvesters
  • Music now fades in once you are logged in, fixes an issue where music starts loud and readjusts afterwards.



  • Weekly Card Pack
    • Chrono-Tonic (Community Pick)
    • Thunder Cleaver
    • Elysian Diamond
  • Blink Cards
    • Momentum retained after blinking is no longer calculated based on your movespeed prior to activation
    • Momentum has been reduced to a flat 150 from 222 + Movement Speed prior to activation
    • Added HUD status effect icons to Lazarus Key
    • Bump Juice and Zap Juice no longer take you out of sprint mode
    • Mending Bloom and Overflowing Gifts no longer put other potions on cooldown
    • Lifesteal icon should now display properly when using Pain Eater


  • Hero ability HUD status effect display icon consistency:
    • Shield icon added to Heroes with shield ability.
    • Movespeed added to Kallari.
    • Health Regen added to Rampage.
    • Attack Speed added to Twinblast.
  • Surrender Menu
    • Created a surrender menu that has options for the reason why you’re surrendering.
  • Play Screen Updates:
    • Added a warning for new players.
    • Added a warning for no rewards to due to level.
    • Added a warning for recently abandoned.
    • Game type selection buttons now update a subtitle area if you have boosts active, if you get no rewards or boosts are inactive.
  • Grammatical fixes for loading tips.
  • Changed formatting of in-game ability tips to bulleted lists.



  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Various animation polish and tweaks.
    • Various tooltips have been updated for clarity.


  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Corrected a targeting issue with Reaping Dash in which the reticle would sometimes disappear.
    • Various animation polish and tweaks.


  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Sticky Mine now attaches to the Blue Buff correctly.
    • Speed Gate now deals its damage over 10 instances.


  • Added White Tiger Greystone to in-game store.


  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Fixed an issue in which AI GRIM.exe could sometimes become stuck while executing G.T.F.O.


  • Death Sentence
    • Added a timer to indicate how much longer of a window player’s have to confirm the ability.
  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Various tooltips have been updated for clarity.


  • Added Moon Viper Khaimera to in-game store.
  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Corrected an issue that would persist Ambush’s VFX.


  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Corrected an issue in which nearby targets would sometimes not be affected by Seismic Assault.
    • Void Drone now correctly breaks stealth when dealing or taking damage from a shadow pad.


  • Added Amethyst Muriel to the in-game store.


  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Corrected a rare issue that would prevent movement or ability use after using Boulder Throw while Enraged was ending.


  • Skewer
    • The Skewer tooltip now correctly lists the stun duration as 1.5 seconds instead of 1.3 seconds.


  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Various animation polish and tweaks.


  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Various animation polish and tweaks.


  • Added Doomsday Steel to in-game store.
  • Shield Slam
    • Adjusted targeting from a Sphere to a Cylinder.
  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Various tooltips have been updated for clarity.


  • Added Nightshade Fey to in-game store.


  • Fixed an issue with the Black and Red buff camps damaging white guardians.
  • Fixed a bug with inhibitors damage stacking, allowing them to deal more damage than intended.
  • Fix to Gideon’s Cosmic Rift so enemies can hear when they are struck.

Recommended Drivers

AMD: Crimson 16.8.2 (Driver Version 16.30.2511.1001)
NVIDIA: Version 368.22 (Release Date: May 23, 2016)


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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2016

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