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As with any patch, there are always a few glitches. Blizzard has been finding them and correcting them as soon as they can. So far, since 2.4 they have found and fixed the following:

Hotfixes applied and active since 2.4 release:

* Players are no longer able to accept the quests "Blood for Blood" and "Blast the Gateway" without first completing "The Missing Magistrix"
* Felblood Initiate respawn rate significantly increased
* Veneratus the Many now spawns correctly
* The Horde Spirit Healers in Alterac Valley will once again teleport Horde players to a different graveyard if the current once gets captured by Alliance
* Archmages’s Guile, Battle Mace of the High Priestess, Terrok’s Gavel, and Sedai’s Blade have all been properly changed to Main-Hand Only weapons
* When taking the flight path from Ironforge to the Isle of Quel'Danas, you will no longer become fatigued and die if you had any buffs active which affect your ability to breathe underwater
* Looting Bind on Pickup items now properly brings up the confirmation dialog while using the Round Robin looting method
* Reliquary of Souls, Prince Kael'thas, and other bosses now properly cast their spells
* The time before players with flags in Warsong Gulch receive the Focused Assault and Brutal Assault debuffs has been reduced
* The timer for Focused Assault and Brutal Assault in Warsong Gulch will now reset whenever both Flags are returned to their bases

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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