Goblin Works blew their first Kickstarter for Pathfinder Online’s tech demo out of the water by shattering their target goal of $50,000 with over $300,000 in pledges. This allowed work on the tech demo to get underway while the devs set up shop in their new office space.

Last week the motley crew decided to test the waters again and try to raise more of the development funding for the game in a new Kickstarter campaign. The target goal is set at $1 million with pledges currently taking that 1/5 of the way with just under $200,000 and 41 days left to beat the numbers by the January 14th deadline.

Pathfinder Online is a sandbox/theme park MMORPG based on the popular tabletop Pathfinder RPG series. You can learn more about Pathfinder Online on the Goblin Works website and on its Kickstarter page.

Thanks to Phlux/Void Ronin for the tip.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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