Pathfinder Online is down to just 4 days left to secure its $1 million Kickstarter goal. As of the writing of this article, the funding is at just under 70% ($699,411).

Goblinworks recently announced a new tool that will let players sample the combat of Pathfinder Online while providing valuable feedback to the developers for its continued development with the standalone single-player game, Pathfinder Online: Pit Fight. Pit Fight will place players into several gladiatorial combat battles that will be fought in the newly constructed Bonepit Arena in Thornkeep. The initial version of Pit Fight will provide players with prebuilt characters that will expand over time. These can then be used test out combat in several scenarios. Additional customization options, classes and combat styles will be added over time.

Pathfinder Online: Pit Fight is scheduled to release in Fall 2013. Visit the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter page and check out our Goblinworks Q&A to learn more.

Source: Pathfinder Online Kickstarter Page

Announcing Pathfinder Online: Pit Fight!

From the beginning, Goblinworks has been working to get our fans involved in the process of developing Pathfinder Online as early as possible so we can live up to the Pathfinder tradition of player involvement in the development process.

In the fall of 2013 we'll be releasing a combat testing tool called Pit Fight!

Our players can help us get a much wider range of combat data while getting a preview of combat in Pathfinder Online. Pit Fight will be a stand-alone, single-player experience.

Pit Fight will put the player through a number of gladiatorial battles, fought in the newly constructed Bonepit Arena in Thornkeep. Players will be able to get a sneak preview of our combat design and help us shape its development through PvE conflict against various NPC opponents. Initially, players will be using a limited number of prebuilt characters beginning with Fighters but expanding over time to involve other classes, combat styles, etc.  Players will be able to try a handful of scenarios we specifically want to test, but over time we’ll add more characters, more customization, and more scenarios. Players will be able to see what aspects of combat they most enjoy and plan their advancement path once Pathfinder Online launches.

We plan to release Pit Fight in Fall  2013.  We are finalizing the platforms we can support but we anticipate the baseline will be a Unity Web App.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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