If you're like us, then you follow Paul Barnett all over the internet. Not only is he a crazy little monkey, but he's also pretty insightful. The BBC News got together and asked several influential people in the gaming industry their thoughts on the goings on of 2008, and of course, WAR's Paul Barnett was among them! With a look back at some of the best console games to predictions of the future of the industry, Paul had some interesting things to say

It was a year of disappointing big games; budgets too big, development too long, platforms underdeveloped, and expectations were too high. The Wii produced some kooky games that defied logic, the 360 continues to do well, the PS3 is desperately trying to find a market, and the PC was coming to terms with DRM (digital rights management).

You can read his full response over at BBC News.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016