The PAX Schedule is released, have your people get with my people.

One can tell a conference is gaining momentum when the schedule goes from a single agenda item of "Talk about computer gaming and stuff" a few years ago to a three page multi-colored document with small type-font. The easy part is over, the schedule has been released. The hard part is just beginning, deciding which rectangles to circle for attendance. Which events will you attend? With Console, handheld, tabletop and PC arenas raging the whole time, attendees need to pick and choose carefully how to best spend their precious time.

Some of the events that caught my eye include:
"So You Want To Pitch A Game"
"Writing for Video Games"
"The Guild - screening"
"Game Criticism and Old Game Journalism"
"Is Casual Killing Core Gaming?"
"Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning"
"10 Reasons Why the Industry Doesn't Suck"

And there a countless others that I will follow with care. While most of the sessions appear to be an hour, each one could easily be their own conference. Check out the rest of the PAX Schedule and then head over to compare on our forums.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016