PAX to the max!

If you've always wanted to attend the exciting Penny Arcade Expo, there's no time like this year! Extra-early registration just opened, so if you're not media or friends with Tycho and Gabe, you won't get a cheaper price than now.

Early Bird Pricing (Before March 31st):
3-day pass: $40! (Save $10)
Pre-Registration Pricing (After April 1st, Before August 1st):
Friday Only: $25 (Save $5)
Saturday Only: $25 (Save $5)
Sunday Only: $25 (Save $5)
3 Day Pass: $45 (Save $5)
At the Door Pricing:
Friday Pass: $30
Saturday Pass: $30
Sunday Pass: $30
3 Day Pass: $50

Get all the info at the PAX website.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016