PC World says microtransactions are here to stay.

In a recent article, PC World looks at how the Game Economy Grows with Mircopayments. Citing the release of Combat Arms and it's microtransaction model, PC world discusses how even World of Warcraft is involved in microtransaction. What? Yes, you read that correctly, the article discusses how the ring tones and other out-of-game purchases are ushering in more acceptance of microtransactions. I don't think the $100 Blizzcon ticket should be included in that list of transactions, but apparently we are all being conditioned to accept them. I tend to disagree with any of these companies touting the success of microtransactions when there are no actual revenue reports to review. I'm weird, I like to be able verify success and not just take peoples' word for it.

In the discussion about Combat Arm's developer Nexon:

Nexon's revenue model relies solely on in-game microtransactions, as opposed to ads or subscription fees. The company's games, which include Maple Story and Mabinogi (both MMORPGs), are free to play, and marketing manager Meghan Myskowski says the microtransactions don't affect gameplay, but rather "provide customization and personalization of your character. It enhances the experience for the user." And in the game, she adds, everything is assigned value.

If it is like putting one of those pretty lights on my cell phone antenna, I'm all over it. According to the article we will continue to see these wonderful ways to part us from our money in smaller almost unnoticeable ways. Read the rest of the article at PC World.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016