This is why we can’t have nice things. Over the weekend a few nefarious individuals (usually known as that group of people in every MMORPG that screws things up for everyone) decided to exploit a bug in Neverwinter’s auction house system to farm Astral Diamonds. Thanks to this group of little hellions, there was a server-wide rollback of about 7 hours across all servers yesterday to reverse the damage done to the in-game economy. So any progress, item gains, and other advancements made yesterday between the hours of 5:20 AM PDT and 12:20 PM PDT have been wiped away.

For now, the auction house and Astral Diamond exchange remain offline as testing continues to ensure that the problem has been fixed and that the offending accounts have been dealt with. Perfect World will be giving Neverwinter players a gift as a thank you and apology. Additionally, the devs are also addressing another problem relating to some players using a one-hit kill exploit to farm bosses for rapid loot. As is the case with incidents like this, there is always a chance that an innocent player may have been caught in the crossfire. If you're one such player, Perfect World’s post urges you to contact customer support.

While we have taken all precautions necessary to ensure that no false positives made it into our final list of accounts to take action against, we do acknowledge that some players who were banned may wish to follow up with us. If you had an account banned and wish to escalate the issue to our support team, please create a ticket at or send an email to [email protected]

You can leanr more about what happened and what was done to address it in the Auction House/Astral Diamond Exploit FAQ.

Source: Neverwinter Rollback Announcement, Exploit Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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