Aww, so cute and cuddly.

Pets in Stoneage 2 are more then just eye candy. They are loyal stone age companions with a lot of features.

Berlin, 2008-06-11: From autumn 2008 on smart hunters and gatherers will find themselves captivated in the imaginative Stone Age scenario of StoneAge 2. In the role of a club swinging manga character, players will discover an online world full of wild creatures and mighty dinosaurs. Fortunately, they are accompanied by helpful pets with unique abilities. The first step though is to capture and train the cuddly creatures. After taming their new escort, loincloth wearing heroes can make use of their individual characteristics and skills. By fighting against monsters and dueling each other, their pets progressively gain experience and power. All over, in StoneAge 2 players can choose from over 47 families of the helpful beasts with four different pets each, which adds up to 200 different pets almost.

With your Stone Age pet through thick and thin
Unlike some passive petting zoo pets, the pets of StoneAge 2 are real friends and comrades with individual taste and characteristics. With proper care they can even learn new strategies and tactics for the round based fights in the game. But only a satisfied and loyal pet will follow each and every order. Therefore, players will reward them with their favorite food, their favorite toy and their favorite music. Advanced players can have tournaments where teams of their pets can fight each other in battle. To achieve a glorious victory, in-depth knowledge of the pets and their abilities is essential. Only the best players who have the right touch can win valuable prizes in PvP-Tournaments.

Besides their fighting skills, the pets of StoneAge 2 are also able to craft special items – but only if players provide them with the proper resources. The equipment produced by pets can then be traded with friends or sold in the personal StoneAge 2 shop of each player. Pets even can fall in love and lay eggs. After some time, new pets will hatch from these, which incorporate and combine the individual skills and looks of their parents. Moreover, pets can also deliver messages and even items to another player in battle. But when neglected, pets inform their owners via real e-mail how much they miss them. Special items for the pets and shop exclusive pets are available in the item shop of StoneAge 2 without causing an imbalance in the game.

In the land before time - StoneAge 2
Primeval spirits, mythical beings and dinosaurs once roamed the lovingly animated world of StoneAge 2. But since the mysterious disappearance of the mighty dinosaurs, aggressive and evil creatures have taken over the world. Hunting, gathering and defending their soil now dominate the everyday life of the Manga characters. Players fan out from their individual housing to look for food and resources. Fortunately for them, the pets stand by their sides with their unique fighting and healing talents. Players will attentively take care of their virtual companions. With good upbringing and training some might even be used as mounts. Hobby Neanderthals can choose from almost 200 pets and even create their own unique creature as a loyal escort. Before StoneAge 2, the Japanese developing studio DigiPark had already successfully operated its predecessor in China, Korea and Japan with almost 10 millions of players.

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