Share your pirate tales!

The beta NDA for Pirates of the Burning Sea has been officially dropped and the game bloggers are already pouring out their personal opinions of their beta experiences. Tobold has a great write-up already this morning:

Since early August 2007 I had the privilege of playing the Pirates of the Burning Sea beta. I like the game a lot, and before I went back to WoW I played that beta more than any other beta or finished game I had access to. Unfortunately I couldn’t write about it at the time due to the NDA. So naturally now that the NDA was dropped today, I have a *lot* to say about PotBS. So much in fact that I won’t even try to fit it all in one post. I’ll start with this review, giving an overview how PotBS works and how the gameplay is. And then over the coming days and weeks I’ll write posts about details of the game, like the economy, tips & tricks, etc.

Stop by Tobold's MMORPG Blog for the rest of his impressions and also be sure to check out P0tsh0t for another thorough beta write-up. Have your own comments? Share them with everyone else at the ongoing discussion.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016