What happens when you tweak a pirate?

With a few weeks of live play under its belt, Pirates of the Burning Sea is already getting a patch to plug up any leaks in its hull. Ship combat and the NPC AI system were the first targets to feel some patch loving, mostly to tweak the overall combat in the game. Here's a snippet:

NPC ships will surrender under certain circumstances. The way the surrender math worked, an NPC could suddenly surrender even though you hadn’t fired on it recently. This is because it’s evaluating damage over time and other factors that don’t necessarily correspond to having just been shot at. While the math was reasonable, it was very strange for the NPC to suddenly surrender if you hadn’t fired at them for a bit. We’ve modified how NPC surrender works so that even if they want to surrender, they won’t do so until the next time they get shot at. This feels much better.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016