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Pirates of the Burning Sea announced that they've rolled over from their beta to their live forums this morning, bringing us one step closer to release.

The release forums will be a completely fresh install of our forum software, which means that no threads will be automatically copied across. It also means that you will no longer need to link forum accounts with Sony Station accounts when you start using the new forums; you will just need a Station account with an active PotBS subscription to log in.

The new forums will include forum sections for each server, as well as common areas for everyone to discuss Pirates of the Burning Sea.

The existing forums will be placed in an archive location so that you can still access your old posts, however we probably wont have that in place when the new forums go live. Expect more news on that in the next day or so.

Read more at the Burning Sea website.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016