A "soft" server merge in Pirates of the Burning Sea...

FLS is seeking to consolidate many of its 11 servers by opening unlimited transfers to one of four servers while at the same time disabling new character creation on seven servers deemed derelict. The move is designed to remediate issues caused by sparse populations on the low pop servers.

Players will be able to transfer their characters to any of the following servers:

• Roberts
• Blackbeard
• Rackham
• Antigua

At the same time that character transfers are activated on Tuesday morning, we will be disabling the creation of new characters on the following servers:

• Bonny
• Guadeloupe
• Kidd
• Morgan
• Bellamy
• Bonnet
• Hornigold

View the rest of the details at the Pirates of the Burning Sea website. As with any server merge, even this sort of "soft merge" - the move seems necessary to almost all players and the developers, but it does tend to take a toll on player morale. Share your thoughts about the soft merge in the Ten Ton Hammer forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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