It also sucks for the players who lost their data.

There were some issues with the Pirates of the Burning Sea login server this weekend, so if you couldn't play, there's an explanation up (sort of).

There are a number of issues that were working to address:

1. Several players see an empty server list when they first log in and some are told theyre falling back to using TCP. This is because the process that serves up that list is overloaded. If you just wait, the list should appear in time. If you shut down the game and restart, you lose your place in the queue and cause additional load. So your best bet is to wait for the list to appear. Dev is working on this and well be testing a solution later today. When the changes will be pushed to the live servers depends on how the testing goes.
2. Our website is slow for many people and times out. The site is up (which you know if youre reading this); its just experiencing heavy load as players are searching for clues about problems accessing the game. Were working to address this and hope to have a solution later today.

Read more at the Burning Sea website.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016