Story has always been a huge part of the Final Fantasy franchise and this week we're getting a few new details about the story of Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) from Yaeko Sato. In a recent edition of Famitsu magazine translated and explained by, Sato explains the story of FFXIV. Powerful gods known in Japanese as "Banshin" have been summoned by a people known as the "Banzoku," a number of tribes in the game, each with different beliefs.

FFXIV's main story prologue begins 10 years in the past. Powerful gods, known in Japanese as "Banshin," have appeared in Eorzea, summoned by people known as "Banzoku," or "savages," who used the gods' power to strike fear in the people. Meanwhile, to the northeast, the militaristic Garlean Empire has been expanding its reach, using its mechanical technology and overwhelming strength of arms in an attempt to rule the continent.

The players will have an interesting power that allows them to experience past events. How this power will be used or influence the gaming world is unclear, but the article does state that it is believed that this power can change the world.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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