Trion Worlds has expanded the availability of Rift today with Rift Light, which allows anyone with a Trion account to play the first 20 levels of content in Rift for free. Rift Light launches today with the game’s latest update – 1.7: Carnival of the Ascended, which adds an Expert dungeon overhaul, better endgame equipment, a new River of Souls Chronicle, Ascended Weddings, a new Master Mode for Caduceus Rise and a number of PvP improvements.

You can find out more about the latest update in our interview with Rift's Adam Gershowitz. Rift Light will be available for free today via the official website.


Free introductory version launches today with Rift™ 1.7: Carnival of the Ascended

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. – Feb. 1, 2012 – Trion Worlds, the leading publisher and developer of premium games for the connected era, continues to increase accessibility to their hit MMORPG Rift™ by introducing Rift Lite, a version that allows anyone with a Trion account to experience the game’s first 20 levels at no cost and with no playtime restrictions. Rift Lite debuts today with the latest patch, Carnival of the Ascended, which features Ascended Weddings, PvP improvements, the new River of Souls Chronicle, and much more.

“In the past ten months, Rift has evolved at a breakneck pace, through seven massive updates that set new expectations for live MMOs, in features, in content, and in service,” said Scott Hartsman, Executive Producer of Rift and Trion’s CCO. “We think a Lite edition with no time limit is the best way for players to see what an amazing experience Rift continues to be.”

Rift Lite is accessible across all servers to anyone with a Trion account, giving potential Ascended a risk-free opportunity to play the game IGN called the “Best MMO Game” of 2011. Players can create a character and experience the first 20 levels in the plane-besieged world of Telara, working their way through the zones of Terminus, Mathosia, Freemarch, Silverwood, and visiting their faction’s capital cities.

In addition to the new trial, Rift 1.7 features many quality of life improvements, including:

· PvP Improvements - Smoother advancement and better rewards

· Ascended Weddings - Share eternity with your soulmate, Telara-style

· River of Souls Chronicle - Undead adventure for two

· New Master Mode Dungeon – Caduceus Rise

· Expert Dungeon Overhaul - More options, better loot!

· Better Endgame Equipment - Improved loot for your endgame Ascended

Today’s update marks the initial stage of the Carnival of the Ascended. In a few weeks, the largest and most spectacular World Event Telara has ever witnessed will kick off, celebrating the heroic feats of the Ascended. Amazing in-game events, special loot, and prizes will make the Carnival World Event something that won’t be soon forgotten.

Dive into Rift now risk-free by clicking here:

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Adventure in the world of Telara as either a noble Guardian or technomagical Defiant and enter a dynamic fantasy where 8 primal forces battle for control in an ever-changing landscape. Build your own class using the Ascended Soul system, embark on epic conflicts that bring you into the story, battle others in exhilarating Player vs. Player combat, achieve new heights of power by tackling epic raids, and so much more. See for more information.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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