PlaySpan Security Breach Leads to More Compromised Account Details

Posted Thu, Oct 11, 2012 by Martuk

PlaySpan, a gaming monetization service has become the latest victim to be visited by a thief in the night. Hackers waltzed past PlaySpan’s security yesterday, making off with account details that included emails, encrypted passwords and user IDs of around 117,000 accounts according to a recent Develop report. Luckily, credit and debit card information appears to be safe.

Only the PlaySpan accounts have been affected by the breach. Some news stories have given the impression that certain online game accounts such as EVE Online, Guild Wars 2 and several others might have been affected. In an effort to clarify that misconception, CCP, Wargaming and ArenaNet, to name a few, have posted official responses to ensure players that they do not share account information with PlaySpan, and the service is separate from their online gaming accounts. So unless you created a PlaySpan account and then reused that same information for your online game accounts (for some insane reason), you should be OK given that they operate independently from each other.

PlaySpan’s Market remains under maintenance today.

A few of the responses from various games are available below for your convenience.

Source: Develop

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