Warlocks complain over loss of top spot for DPS

Many warlock players have been calling foul since they have lost their spot on top of DPS meters. Blizzard has responded with a few comments, that while not necessarily meant to appease them, at least to explain they are watching the situation.

If you were a lock who was used to handily beating all the other class and were used to life at the top of the damage meters with 2-3 of your lock buddies, then yeah, life is going to be different now. But you shouldn't consistently be second tier either.

Retadin dps, despite the nerfs, is still pretty high at 70. We're okay with this for now because it's only going to last a few more weeks and we don't want Ret to be too nerfed for 80.

Hunter dps is huge at 70 and 80, and is something we're keeping an eye on. Good hunters were always near the top of the charts, but it seems even more consistent now.

Rogues and warriors are trickier, because if you follow the threads, some of them are convinced their dps is gimped, even at 80. Clearly that isn't holding true in every case, so we're trying to figure out what the mitigating factors are.

As several people pointed out, both Destro and Affliction have had to change their rotations somewhat for BC so there is more of learning curve than for some of the other specs who didn't change as much.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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