Man I love this company. I'm not kidding. I LOVE them. Today's Developer Log talks about the upgrades to the Content System and I'm not kidding you, this game is going to rock.

It’s finally happened – our user-content system finally gets an upgrade! And there are so many revisions and additions that you’re going to get a whole dev-log introducing the changes! :)

In fact, it’s the sheer size and scope of the changes that made it take so long. We’ve got a rather tight schedule around here at FLS, so imagine Aether’s challenge: coordinate the efforts of several devs and designers in order to give the entire user-content system and overhaul, but don’t use up any time on the schedule. How does one man manage a Herculean task like this? How did Aether get useful labor out of this herd of cats? By harassing us on a daily basis! By insulting our bloodlines, by pleading with us, and by plying us with free t-shirts and booze. Gently, quietly, and ever so slowly, Aether managed to turn our after-hours efforts into a product we can release to you: our adoring public.

So let’s get down to the often revolutionary (and sometimes controversial) changes!

You can read the rest here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016