The best part of playing MMOs are the emotes. Top 3? /rude , /fart, /point... In that order.

Mat's Creating Emotes for PotBS is up.

I've done some number crunching in order to give you an idea of how important emotes can be in our game. Currently we have 240 animations in the game. Of those 240 animations, 90 of them are emotes – and this number will grow as we get closer to launch. While emotes are a great way to help people communicate in the game world, it is interesting to note that once we make an emote animation, ConCo is then able to spread them around and make our NPC’s more lively in the world. If you look closely at the crew members on the ships, you can even see some of the emotes there!

240.. that's alot! All he needs though is 3. /fart, /rude and /point.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016