Pirates have little respect for those who buy their booty.

Flying Lab has sent a strong message that they're not screwing around when they say "no" to grey-market gold sales, banning several accounts involved in such activity before the game has even officially launched.

This evening, Flying Lab Software staff issued a series of permanent bans as a result of gold selling activities by players of Pirates of the Burning Sea. Additionally, 24 hour bans were issued on multiple accounts found to have participated in the transfer of this illicit gold.

Please understand that we will investigate all reports of illicit transactions and we will following up with the appropriate disciplinary actions, which could include confiscation of the resources in question, and ultimately banning accounts that sell or buy these illicit resources.

In the future, if you are approached by someone seeking to sell you gold, you are asked to file a support ticket by typing /support in game, or by visiting our support site.

Read all about it at the Burning Sea website, and then discuss it in the forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016