His name is Andrew Binder and his mission? To Annihilate all coding bugs in existence! This new test lead for Flying Lab Software makes his Developer's Log Debut with .. er... flying colors?

I suppose an introduction is in order. My name is Andrew Binder and I am the test lead here at Flying Lab Software. I have been testing, test-leading, test-managing, games for a little over 12-years now. I cut my QA teeth at Dynamix in Eugene, Oregon (Aces of the Pacific, Red Baron, Trophy Bass, Starsiege, Tribes, etc), took a turn at Tiburon (Madden 00), swung through Microsoft (Zoo Tycoon franchise), and now I have come to hang my tricorn here at FLS. I have likely been a geek and a technophile from the day I opened my eyes and could recognize the beauty that is a blinking LED. My mother humored my need and through her and the rest of my family I got the original Atari PONG, a Magnavox Odyssey, the Atari 2600, a VIC-20, and a 386-DX25 as my first "modern" computer while I was in college. My contributions (via paper routes and other odd jobs) to this mess were a Colecovision, a Vectrex, and my pride-and-joy Apple IIe. I won’t even try to list the various and sundry blinking, building, battery operated, toys that used to lie around our house in various states of dismantlement (I was *that* kid who would get a $100 toy for Christmas, spend one day playing with it, and months taking it apart and then trying to put it back together- usually unsuccessfully. Personality clue – I’ve been in test for 12-years). Now that I am older and “wiser” I try to reserve my destructive tendencies for software, and the odd home repair job (sorry honey...).

He's an entertaining guy. You should read the rest.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016