Patch sighted on the port bow!

Flying Lab recently released the first post-launch patch for Pirates of the Burning Sea. Highlights follow:

* Stability: This patch includes several client graphics fixes that will improve performance, remove glitches for some ATI video cards, and stop crashes. We also fixed a crash in the sound manager and several server crashes.
* Sound Fixes: We fixed a client bug many of you encountered where your framerate in towns would slow down temporarily while music was playing. This is now gone. If you turned your Music volume slider down to avoid this problem, turn it back up again!
* Low-level mission revamp: The Open Beta taught us that there were too many missions in the low-level towns and that they were even lower level than they should be. We have made many changes here so that the number and level of missions better matches your leveling rate. This change means you will have missions closer to your level more often. That means the missions will be less boring (fewer “minor” ships!) and will also give better XP and doubloon rewards because they’ll be higher level. Details are below.
* Black Point: We also fixed the problem with ship deed turn-in at Black Point.

See the rest at the Burning Sea site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016