It's like an open beta, just for a game you already love.

Pirates of the Burning Sea is inviting and encouraging it's players to check out update 1.4 on it's test server, Testbed.

As you’ve probably seen in Taelorn’s recent devlogs, patch 1.4 has a lot of important changes to careers, especially for Pirates. Now that this patch is ready for testing, my job is to be sure you’re going to like it. We need players like you to play with these new changes and give us feedback before we release them into the live game. If you’ve never played on Testbed before, check out this post for information about how to get started. This month on Testbed, we’re focusing heavily on the new career skills and the early game experience.

For the rest of the information, check out PotBS' main site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016