Pitchblack Games, makers of Prime: Battle for Dominus, has released details about the crafting system in their upcoming MMO. Professions will be designed around the basic idea of reverse engineering items that already exist in the game (although schematics will be available as regular loot (from NPCs and traded by players) and through an invention/experimentation system).

Individual professions are an important part of the economy in Prime Battle for Dominus. Almost every item in the game can be reverse engineered to obtain its schematic and therefore created by players. Even if you don't want to make the items yourself, being able to procure materials will allow you to make enough money to buy or barter for them.

There will be seven total professions, including your regular crafting trades (Armortech creates armor for instance) along with some unique professions like Soldier-for-Hire (bring along an NPC companion) and Inventors who, presumably, invent things. There is a lot of neat things to the crafting in Prime, for instance, you can invent your own weapons by modifying the crafting recipe. If it's a success you'll get a new schematic added to your library.

The GUI looks very clean and polished, making it easier to turn materials into killing machines.

All in all it looks like a different take on the try and true crafting system and shows some heavy promise for an awesome experience. You can find out more details about Prime and it's crafting system over at the official site.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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